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  • Fertilizer Powder Pouch Packaging Machine
    Suitable for seasonings, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, glucose, soap powder, chemical seasoning, fine sugar, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
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  • Soybean Package Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine
    The bag-type packaging machine is mainly used for automatic packaging of granules, powder, block, liquid, soft cans, toys, hardware and other products. According to different materials, match different measuring equipment. The packaging material has low loss, accurate weight, and good sealing quality. The prefabricated packaging bag is used, and the packaging bag has a beautiful pattern, which improves the product grade. Bag feeding is suitable for packaging materials such as paper-plastic composite, plastic-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite.
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  • Nutrition Powder Pouch Food Packaging Machine
    Scope of application: Suitable for packaging those powders and small granular materials that are easy to flow or have poor fluidity, such as milk powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, additives, powders, small granule drugs, veterinary drugs, glucose, condiments, solid drinks, carbon Powder, talcum powder, pesticides, etc.
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  • Soybean Automatic Weighing Pouch Packaging Machine
    The machine is used for packing Sauce , Tea, Seeds, areca-nut , Candy, Cereal, Candied, Chocolate, Biscuits, Peanuts, Pastry, Expanded Food etc.
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